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Ever had that feeling that you have won the lottery?

That for some freakish reason you have got the chance to date a super-model?

That is exactly how we felt on our first night at ChezANIA, Le Grand Pressigny, France.  We felt soooo clever to have discovered such brilliant, affordable family accommodation on-line in such an ‘authentic’ part of the Loire Valley on our first trip to Europe.

We haven't got a single complaint about our stay with Nicole and Alex Crawford in one of their fabulous (traditional & rustic but extremely comfortable) cottages outside the beautiful French village of Le Grand Pressigny.

Everything from the price of accommodation to the furnishings exceeded all of our expectations … and fulfilled all of our hopes for a genuine ‘European winter experience”.   Naturally, after our ideal holiday away from the tropics, we are already planning a return trip to witness first hand the glorious sunflowers & ‘sunny blue skies’ of the summer months.

At the planning stage of our family holiday (including two teenagers …say no more) we approached numerous B&Bs, gîte,s etc. and finally selected  Les Limornières for our week’s holiday due entirely to Nicole’s speedy, informative & friendly response to our initial enquiries.

Talk about VALUE FOR MONEY!!!! (Shhh … don’t tell them night’s accommodation at their gorgeous gîte was the same price that we had to pay for a very ordinary family dinner in Singapore Airport (YUK!!!) on our return trip to Australia.

In a perfect world all holiday accommodations would be as good as Les Limornières but unfortunately this is not always the case … not everyone is as good at establishing such immediate friendly rapport via e-mail before arrival as Nicole; not everyone is as charming and helpful as Alex; and not all children are as adorable as Isabella and Amélie (absolutely LOVED their sweet, English accents AND they speak french fluently!!).  

In all honesty, our only regret is that we didn’t find time to experiment with Nicole’s ‘in-home dining experiences’ (after sharing aperitifs on our last night I can only imagine how good one of her meals would have been!!)

If you want to experience ‘real’ French culture, away from the major tourist traps, then give Les Limornières ChezANIA, Le Grand Pressigny, France, a go.

We bought local produce from neighboring farms, drank crème coffees in the local cafes, dined superbly on 11 Euros lunch-time meals, visited enough chateaux to last a lifetime and thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

We are more than happy to supply any further information if requested, just email us on .

Happy holidaying,
Jane, Brett, Angus & Pippa Lewis
Darwin, Australia
16th January, 2009