Les Limornières
le Grand Pressigny 37350 France
+33 (0)2 47 91 01 93
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Our committment to the environment: making a difference at les Limornières:

>We endeavour to reduce our environmental impact wherever and whenever we can.
>We recycle approximately 60% of our waste and that of our gardening clients!
>We grow our own fruit and vegetables to feed us, our guests and our chickens!
>We encourage energy and water saving.
>Vegetable leftovers and waste are fed to our chickens, they in turn kindly help fertilise our soil!
>We promote our local services and suppliers, restaurants, local markets etc.

We know you are planning your holiday, but during your stay with us we ask you to:

> recycle most packaging including plastic, card, metal & glass - we provide the bins.
> conserve water - e.g. switch off the tap when brushing teeth..or water our pots with your vegetable washing water!
> please save your vegetable waste for the chickens or other compostable waste for the composting bins.
> turn off electricity when not in use.
> We have provided wood burning stoves as an effective primary source of heating for our stone cottages and ask guests to make use
  of them in cold weather.  They are fueled by wood which is widely available very locally.  We have provided electric radiators for
  your comfort in the bedrooms and bathroom and ask you to use them considerably - turning them off or down when you are out.
> remember to look but leave alone the wide variety of local flora and fauna.

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Abundant harvest at les Limornieres
Bikes to borrow, routes for walking or cycling from the doorstep at les Limornieres
Rivers Aigronne and Claise within 3km from les Limornieres and Creuse within 10km for canoeing
Gardens are full of wildlife at les Limornieres
Hot chillies, tomatoes and other veg thrive at les Limornieres
View east across the fields early evening in June at les Limornieres